WECREATE | CAMBODIA has the entrepreneurial programming that will accelerate your women owned startup or existing business.

StartUp Academy – Startup Academy is a 15-week program that has been specifically designed to accelerate the progress by walking women entrepreneurs through the universal steps required to build a company.

Business Solutions Series –Our monthly calendar of events provide entrepreneurs access to the knowledge, tools, and connections that will support advancing business in any sector.

Build-A-Business Workshops – Expand your business idea, learn how to design a business model, and identify solutions that accelerate revenue growth. The Build-A-Business workshop is a mentor-driven program designed to guide entrepreneurs using visual business planning tools.

Pitch-O-Rama – Are you an early stage company wanting to see if you have what it take to secure investment capital? This program is designed to provide a platform to showcase your business model and gain invaluable feedback to take your business to the next level. The winner will received a cash prize.

WECREATE Challenge – Women entrepreneurs who compete are rewarded for turning their idea into a viable business, going to market quickly, building a team, modifying their business model and learning what drives customers and revenue. The WECREATE Challenge just may be the motivation you need to make your dream a reality!

Ramp Up – The RampUp program is designed to support existing businesses in overcoming challenges to increase revenue growth.

Specialized Training – We understand the tremendous need for training women entrepreneurs to hone their business building skills and provide them with the support necessary to overcome the barriers associated with starting and growing a business. That is why we have created a training facility as part of the WECREATE | CAMBODIA was designed to provide specialized and tailored training sessions that meet the specific needs your growing business and talent requires to advance into the marketplace and grow your market share.

To learn more about how you can join our community and accelerate your business growth, contact us at or call us at +855 012 370 214